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Goals vs. Resolutions

Jan 14, 2017 | by Jose Rivera

Goals vs. Resolutions

“Resolutions vs Goal Setting” is a classic debate among many. I have observed that more people lean toward Goal Setting because Resolutions have the chronic connotation of failure. You may wonder why this is so. It is largely due to the fact that Resolutions require a completely new framework of thoughts, new habits, and effort. Many are predisposed to failure due to the lack of cultured discipline and structure. Resolutions tend to take in broad scope of the short comings of your life. It’s like standing at base of a mountain and realizing that you should be at the top, and then becoming discouraged thinking about how you are going to get there. So you set out climbing only to realize the troubles of the way and how unfit you are to make it. By and by you turn away from your resolve to climb. The classic case of Failed Resolutions.

How will you ever gain this victory? This is where Goal Setting becomes paramount. Goal Setting may keep the top of the mountain in mind, but the focus becomes the first checkpoint. Once the first checkpoint is reached, the focus immediately goes to the second checkpoint. Here is a simple example: You come home from work to a completely messy house. You think to yourself, I want to be an overall neater person. You brew upon this Resolution and set out to clean the house. Then the phone rings, and then you get a Facebook notification, and then you remember you need to get something at the store, then you become hungry and begin cooking, and then you ate too much and now you don’t feel like cleaning. Then you say “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Has this ever happened to you? It happens to many. Here is where Goal Setting can become advantageous. Instead of seeking to clean the whole house all at once, after a long day at work; set a goal to clean one room each day until all the rooms of the house are clean by the weekend. Or spend 15 minutes a day cleaning and organizing. There is a old saying that says, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Apply this saying by staying on top of the rooms you have cleaned, and then it becomes easier to maintain a clean house. Doing a few dishes each day is far less discouraging then doing a week’s worth of them on the weekend. By keeping these things in mind, by and by, your Goal Setting becomes instrumental in your Resolution to become a neater person.

Here is some encouragement along spiritual lines. God told us in Matthew 6:34 that we should not worry so much about all the troubles of the future. A simple reason is because we only are given one day at a time. To illustrate this last point consider the following account taken from Exodus 16. The ancient Israelites were given a miraculous food that rained down from heaven, early every morning. They were instructed to only gather that which was sufficient for the day’s need. Anything more would spoil. In this practice, God teaches us to to rely on Him for our daily needs. Try to set goals achievable for each day and trust that God will help you reach them for His glory.

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